Monday, 14 October 2013

How To Speak Minion Language Easily

Hey friends, Using this interesting post you can easily learn exactly how to speak minion language. As you might know that the minions speak a unique language which is called "Minionese" and we want to tell you that its not hard for you to speak minionese language. In this post we will make you know about many of the words in minionese language and next to them you can find what does that word exactly mean in our english language. These are exactly the words in minion language from despicable me movie. So this way you will be able to know how to speak minion language easily and correctly.

how to speak minion language

Now at last you can understand how to speak minion language within just a few minutes from now. You might have already heard many of these minionese words from the mouth of minions but at that time you might not have actually understood the meaning of those words., so here is how to speak minion language.

How To Speak Minion Language

(Minionese Language)                         (In English)

Bello!                                                      Hello!
Poopaye!                                                Goodbye!
Me want banana!                                    I'm hungry!
Tank yu!                                                 Thank you!
BEE DO BEE DO BEE DO!                     Fire!
Tulaliloo ti amo!                                      We love you!
Tatata bala tu!                                        I hate you!
Bananonina!                                           Ugly!
Underwear....                                          I swear.....
Baboi                                                     Toy
Po ka                                                     What
Bable                                                     Apple
Gelato                                                    Ice cream
Butt                                                        Butt
Dul                                                         Two
Sae                                                        Three
Hana                                                      One
Chasy                                                     Chair
Para tu                                                   For you

After going through and learning the above guide you might have learnt how to speak minion language. Taking the above guide as a reference you can now easily understand and speak minion language. Of course the able list does not contain a lot of words from minion language but it is the best one that we could gather and we are going to expand the above list with more minion language. We believe this might be enough to speak and understand the despicable me minions language.


Anonymous said...

I always wanted to lern minioniese!

Anonymous said...

I learned a lot! it will take some practice, but great! although it seems that is not all...

thecircularfile said...

It sounds as if Minions are taught Esperanto but finish only half the course.

robert abraham said...

A word they say sounds like limogene. Any ideas what this means?

Anonymous said...

cool this will fool my friends at school

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